Privacy policy

This page lists the places that and reasons why this site collects your personal data as well as what you can do to avoid that. (This page is required by law in Germany, but we thought all the non-German folks might want to know as well.)

Site access/server logs
This site (actually, its web hoster) logs data about any site access to so-called server log files. This data includes:

Name of the page that was accessed
file, date and time it was accesssed
amount of data transferred
if the data was successfully transferred
browser type and version
operating system of the visitor
referrer URL (the page that linked to here, if any)
IP adress
provider of the visitor
This data is used for statistical purposes only in order to operate, secure and optimize the site. The data may be consulted if there is reasonable evidence for criminal use of the site.

How we handle personal data
Personal data means things like names, email adresses or phone numbers – anything that hints to the identity of a person. This site only collects personal data if it is allowed to do so by German law or if users explicity allow it (i.e. by entering said data). This happens for instance by sending an email to the operator of the site or by using the contact form.

Third-party services or content
The site may include or link to third-party content like YouTube vidos or Google maps. Those services may see your IP address as well, which we can not control. We can also not control if these service log your IP address.

Cookies are small files that enable us to store user-specific data (like settings) on your device (computer, smartphone etc.) for the sake of a better user experience. You can disable cookies in your browser, but that may limit the possibilities of the site.

The site uses Piwik, an open source software to analyze visitor statistics. We use Piwik with anonymized IP adresses, but Piwik uses cookies as well. You can opt out of being tracked by our Piwik installation.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy.

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